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Baby Breastfeeding


Most healthcare practitioners say they are supportive of breast/chestfeeding. But many are supportive only when it's is going well, and some, not even then.

My go-to site about all things lactation. Evidence-based and written by IBCLCs, you can trust what you read here.

Dr. Jane Morton shows you how to hand express your milk.

Yeah. That's a thing! Watch a video!

Dr. Jane Morton shows you how to remove as much milk as possible using an easy three-step process.

Includes a chart of storage times

A different approach to pacing the bottle-feeds.

I love how Dr. Amy Grawey, family physician and IBCLC, explains what tongue tie is and how it impacts breast/chestfeeding.

Weird but super informative.

Super simple stretches and exercises you can do with your baby before releasing their ties.



Up to 80% of new mothers experience a range of highs and lows during pregnancy or following the delivery. Usually these “baby blues” are mild and pass quickly. Joining a support group for new moms or talking with other moms can help you get a handle on normal “baby blues.” Some women, however, experience more than the blues. 800-328-3838

I like Acelleron because they are in-network with almost all insurance companies in New Jersey and they carry really good pumps.

The best pumps they offer include:

  • ARDO Calypso Essentials

  • Ameda Mya Joy

  • Spectra S2 

  • Spectra S1 - has a rechargeable battery (there's an upcharge on this model with some plans- with BCBS the upcharge is the same price as buying a Spectra S2 on Amazon)

I do not recommend any pumps from Medela or Lansinoh. I have never heard of the Cimilre.  ​I am on the fence about the Willow and Elvie because unless the fit is perfect there can be breast damage. Additionally, they may not provide enough stimulation if you are first establishing your supply.



I have been lucky enough to be featured as an authority in various publications, and to be invited to discuss my approach by the greater community. Take a look below at the latest articles and resources, as well as wellness tips and tricks.

Mother and Baby

Congratulations on the birth of your child! In the chaos that comes with having a baby who needs care in the Intensive Care Unit, those words may go unsaid. The next few weeks or even months can be challenging. 

More than ever, your milk is crucial to your newborn. Breastmilk/Chestmilk (especially when a baby is born preterm), is tailored for optimal growth, helping your baby to fight infection, and develop a healthy gut flora. 

Baby's Grasp

Low milk production is a common concern of first-time breastfeeders. Many breastfeeders are unaware that thyroid dysfunction could affect their breast milk production.  One of the most common hormonal issues affecting milk production is caused by thyroid dysfunction. 

Happy Baby

Caused by constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) in the nipple, vasospasms typically feel like stinging, burning, shooting, sharp pain inside the nipple and breast. 

Vasospasm nipple pain can occur during breastfeeding/pumping and last up to 30 minutes after. Although some breastfeeders report pain up to one hour after breastfeeding. 

Mother Baby Bonding

When most people think of cloth diapers, what usually comes to mind are thick white rectangles pinned to a clothesline. Sure, those diapers still exist, but cloth diapering has come a long way, baby! In the 21st century, cloth diapering is not only cute but fun! Yes, fun.

Nursing Newborn

From toting them home to collecting them, to laundering them and keeping them fresh-smelling, here's your guide to the best cloth diapering experience possible.

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