I always knew I would breastfeed my children (that's what they're there for, right?) but I had no idea how much I would love it nor how long I would do it!

Given the two-hour separation immediately following my daughter Anya's birth and zero hospital lactation support ("shove her on" is not support), I got that little girl onto my breast with ease and continued for six months of exclusivity. (We went on to breastfeed for another one and a half years when I weaned her.) I didn't realize how lucky I was while many of my new mom friends struggled with breastfeeding in one way or another. I read as much as I could, attended La Leche League meetings, and became an informed supporter. 

Fast forward to 2009. The 40-hour Certified Lactation Counselor class was being offered in the next state over so I decided to go for it. Thirty-six weeks pregnant with Asher, I took the class and passed the exam. Then shortly after Asher was born, my certificate arrived in the mail. I was a CLC!

To be continued.

Breastfeeding Baby Anya